Gisela Happe


The concept:

9-Tage-Galerie Logo

In 1997, I initiated the „9-Tage-Galerie“ (nine-days-gallery) as a temporary gallery.

For nine days, I show in no particular order a different selection of works by famous artists of all disciplines from the region of Dusseldorf. Objects and sculptures, paintings and drawings, printmakings as well as photographies.

The idea is to present good art to a broad public, in cooperation with companies from the business sector or industry. Personal contact and attractive prices are supposed to make it easier for the interested public to enter the art scene and arouse passion for collecting art.

The „9-Tage-Galerie“ is not only temporarily, but also mobile. As such, it can take place any time and at any suitable location. The gallery is available for any company that is interested in art and looks for a special event, as long as it can provide suitable facilities. In this context, art functions as image and sales promoting tool. As such, it should be understood as part of the corporate culture. 

As curator of the „9-Tage-Galerie“, I make a new selection of artists and art works for each exhibition, which suit the cooperation partner as well as the facilities. Moreover, I am in charge of the exhibition throughout the entire time. 

So far, I have been working with Jacques' Wein-Depot, the ART EDITION-FILS, the Engel Canessa real estate consulting and Sal.Oppenheim private bank. Last exhibition venues were stilwerk Dusseldorf, KAI and SIGN 13 at the Medienhafen Dusseldorf (not realized). The list of participating artists ranges from Andreas Bee, Jörg Eberhard, Annette Leyener, Robert Hartmann, Jan Kolata, Judith Samen, Katharina Mayer and Benjamin Nachtwey to Martin Willing, Manfred Vogel, Bogomir Ecker and Gereon Krebber.